Programmer with 4+ years of C++ and UE4 experience required

We’re about to start the development of a new AAA-Action game based on a Cult Classic IP. Interested?

Who are we?

Slipgate Ironworks are soon starting development of a new AAA title. Maybe you’ve already played some of our games, such as Rise of the Triad, Rad Rodgers, and most recently Ion Fury, GRAVEN and WRATH: Aeon of Ruin, released under our publishing label 3D Realms. We’re deeply passionate about old-school action games, and our passion for the genre runs deep in our DNA. At our office in Aalborg, Denmark we are currently 18 people, and we have approx. 120 people working for us around the world. We have many different tasks to dive into, so there will definitely be something exciting no matter what you are interested in, and as long as you reach your deadlines, we are flexible about what you work with. We are about to embark on a journey, developing a next generation action game, built on new technology (Unreal Engine 5), based on a very well known IP and we would love to bring you on board.

The job includes:

  • Responsibility for code reviews, including feedback and coaching of the programmers on the project when necessary.
  • Development of tools and features in Unreal Engine 5
  • Advanced programming, related to new gameplay features and AI
  • Optimizations across multiple platforms and games

You will work from our studio in Aalborg, Denmark, where there are opportunities for both flex days and working from home. You will refer directly to Grzergorz, who is our Chief Technical Officer. In general, Slipgate is characterized by a flat organization and a high team spirit, where we get excited about great ideas no matter who brings them up.

Who are you?

You're probably a computer scientist or software engineer. If not, then you have several years of programming experience. Regardless of your background, you have good knowledge of advanced mathematics, algorithms and the rendering pipeline just as you have extensive knowledge of Unreal Engine. You probably have 4 years of experience in the gaming industry with some published titles. Alternatively you have worked with visualization and engine development in another industry. It is important that you are well versed with Unreal, and if you have experience with Consoles it is a plus. We work mainly in C ++ programming so we expect you to be on top of this. You communicate fairly effortlessly in English, are good at problem solving and are able to prioritize your tasks. You will not have direct personnel responsibilities, but since you need to give feedback to programmers, you need to teach and make demands. You don’t necessarily have to be a social type, but a certain empathy and patience with others is a clear advantage.

Essential info

Location: In our office in Denmark
Expected starting date: Immediately
Job type: Permanent contract / Full Time
Level of experience: Mid-Senior
How to apply: send us your CV at, including a link to your portfolio or any other type of document(s) which you think might underline your background and work experience
You can get in touch with us using following contact info: