Slipgate Studios is looking for extremely talented and imaginative 3D character artists to create characters for the critically acclaimed game, Rad Rodgers (
Candidates must have a mastery of appropriate toolsets and an extensive portfolio demonstrating models and textures of characters and creatures, conceptualizing and creating game characters and creatures within a limited polygon budget, collaborate with artists, designers, and programmers on process, limitations, and specifications.
Experience Required:
  • Extensive 3D Modelling Experience in Zbrush, 3D Studio Max and tools alike
  • Significant contributions to at least one AAA game is preffered, but not required
  • Examples of current and past work, demonstrating a strong understanding of form, silhouette, color, texture, and lighting
  • Experience with stylized character designs is preffered
  • Able to create low poly models within poly budget and high poly models for sculpting and painting
  • Must be self-starting, but work well with feedback and fast iteration
  • Communication and Self-motivation is a keyword
    The position is available both Virtual Off-Site and On-Site if you are located in Denmark.
Established in 2017, Slipgate Studios was formed by the former Interceptor Entertainment team. Slipgate is an independent Game Development Studio based in Aalborg, Denmark, led by a team of dedicated and talented professionals.
The team is a long-time partner of 3D Realms, and was responsible for the critically acclaimed First Person Shooter Rise of the Triad, which won several awards.
Most recently the team successfully released the first version of Rad Rodgers, partnered with THQ Nordic and started development on a new version of Rad Rodgers.